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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman

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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman Empty [declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman

Post  Throntark Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:14 pm

Personal Information

-- Age: 18
-- Name: Kaspar B. K.
-- Sex: Male
-- Country: Denmark

-- Tell us a bit about yourself:
I'm a student from Denmark, im finishing my last year as student this year and will soon run in to alot of free time but before that, i will have a lot of time as busy stressed out student. when im not playing WoW or doing something school related i play Football. nothing serious. 2 times per week and a game in weekends.
Character Information

-- Name: Throntark
-- Current Server: Ravencrest
-- Armory Link: http://eu.battle....k/advanced
- Class and Race: Draenei, Shaman
- Talent Build 1:
- Talent Build 2:
- Professions: Jewelcrafting and Engineering

-- Would you be willing to change your Talents or Professions in the interest of Guild Progression?
It is something i would consider. But the one suggesting it should have some very good arguements =)
Raid Logs

-- Do you have any viable World of Logs reports, or WoW Web Stats? If so, please link here:
Sorry. do not

-- Computer Specs: im white and nerdy, but got no knowledge on this compter. it's getting old and im soon buying a new one..
-- Internet Connection & Stability:
Always keeping my lan-cable connected on 8/1 Mbit connection. runs smooth never disconnect me.
User Interface

-- Raid UI:
The picture is abit old, as u may see on gear..

Raiding Experience

Please go into detail regarding your experience raiding, in each expansion and what class.

-- Vanilla:
I didn't play vanilla .. =(
-- The Burning Crusade:
I played on my feral druid, started as cat dps but went tank.
Cleared -> Karazhan, Gruul, Maggy, Zul'aman... And minor progress on TK and SSC
-- Wrath of the Lich King:
Once again i started out on my druid. Boomkin this time. later on i switched to shaman and had everything cleared on normal except Sindragosa. weird reason i don't know =) and got few hc's but stopped playing near the end.
-- Cataclysm:
Came in abit late to cataclysm. My shaman was first this time, and i Joined Run Away Little Girl and with some progress each week i have learned 12/12 bosses in the back of my head. and only had 2 Halfus hc kills and one Atramedes hc kill. all this was done as resto.. Had some tries on Chimaeron, but Run Away Little Girl is a 10 man guild and the fight is extremely hard to heal on 10man hc.

Class play

Please write a detailed passage about what you believe is important about your current Talent Spec. Such as Gear, Gem, Glyph and Talent choices, your Rotations...
My talent is based on getting mana in return. both from lb's and from crit heals. so i ofc have reforged into some crit, and staying over my soft cap on haste so i have an extra tic for my periodic heals. As resto shaman i don't find a rotation, ofc i stack my Healing wave and GHW with my riptide for a shorter cast time..
Guild History

-- What is your most recent Guild? <Higher> newly formed guild, the guild master promised me good players, and the first raid we had i was raid leading 6 players who haven't taken down Chimaeron.
-- Could you give us an overview of your time there? from this Monday i think. until today.
-- Why did you depart or why are you leaving? The guild is not in the league i hoped it could have been.
-- Is there someone we can contact as a reference?if i were you, i would go to <Run Away Little Girl> they have the priviledge of seeing me in more action than any other guild. Finaldeath, Venmore or Loxx were my officers, Loxx was my healing Officer

Raiding in Death Wish

-- Why are you applying to Death Wish?
I need a guild with better fitting raid days and raiding experience similar to mine.
-- What are your expectations?
Friendly gchat and a 100% focus and activity when raiding.
-- What will you bring to the Guild?
and active player with a high knowledge on all classes.
-- Do you think you will be able to abide by our rules and raid times without much trouble?
-- Do you know anyone in Death Wish that knows you well?
Additional Information

-- How do you approach a Personal Mistake?
if i make a mistake i say im sorry for screwing up, and the mistake wont happen again, Which it wont, i hate making mistakes, and when i make them i make sure they wont get me again =)
-- How will you seek to resolve problems?
I try to research what the core of the problem is and if there is something i can add or help with i take the responsibility and make sure it's done.
-- What are your goals in World of Warcraft?
to blow off some steam and relax, but still accomplish sometihng, else it's a pure waste of time =)

-- Is there anything else you would like to include that may assist your application?
No thank you. =)


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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman Empty Re: [declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman

Post  Szilia Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:22 am

Thanks for your application Throntark, we'll get back to you soon.


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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman Empty Re: [declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman

Post  valiry Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:20 am

is it just me or is the links u provided not working?


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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman Empty Re: Application: Throntark

Post  Throntark Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:14 pm

broken to me aswell. i provide you with a new one right here !


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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman Empty Re: [declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman

Post  purpleshadow Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:25 am

Sorry for the delay. I'm afraid we will be declining your application as we can't see a spot for you given our line up. However, best of luck finding a guild.

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[declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman Empty Re: [declined] Throntark - resto / ele shaman

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