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[declined] Bereadytodie - Warlock

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[declined] Bereadytodie - Warlock Empty [declined] Bereadytodie - Warlock

Post  Bestseu Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:51 am

Character information

Character Name: Bereadytodie

Armory link:
Probably in PvP gear.

Primary Talent Spec: Affliction
Secondary Talent Spec (If any): Destruction

My alts are all on other servers.

Personal information

Your Time Zone: GMT + 1

When are you usually online?
We raid from 19:30-23:30PM (server time) on Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday nights. Does that fit your schedule?

I can be online whenever, although preferably not on fridays/saturdays.

Your PC/internet

Is your connection stable? That's fo sho.

Do you have "Ventrilo" and a working microphone and are willing to speak? (Cataclysm will have a lot of boss fights where communication seems to be the key). No doubt, I have the best microphone EU and I have very nice voice.

Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator? Bitch hell no.

About you and raid experience

What add-ons do you currently use for raids? DBM,Omen, the usual shit.

What is your raid experience including all Vanilla, BC, WotLK and Cataclysm raids. Name the class and spec you played for each one if different to your current Main character.

I started playing when TBC was released and rolled a Warlock, learned to play in Gruul's Lair and carried on from there and ended up with server firsts on both Vashj and Kael'thas.
After that we went onto Black Temple and Mount Hyjal where we got to Mother Shahzraz and Archimonde before the guild disbanded and I took a break until WotLK was released.

I then rolled a Mage and raided Ulduar hardmodes on a server first level, about halfway through Ulduar I got bored of playing Mage and the game in general and took a break.
When I got back I created a Warrior and got server first Tribute to Mad Skill (25 man) in ToGC.
After a bit of ToGC farming I got bored and took a break, started again when ICC was released and made a Hunter. Didn't do anything serious on him but pugged ICC every now and then with moderate results(Lich King normal and 11/12 heroic).

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them? Currently in Iskald as some sort of social.

About you and your view on you class and World of Warcraft

Why did you choose your class/spec? I enjoyed playing Warlock in TBC and wanted to give it another go.

What is your view on progress raids? Obviously the most fun phase of raiding, I get nothing out of farming shit bosses.

What is your view on farm raids in periods where there is nothing to progress on? Boring as fuck but I show up.

What do you think about raid related achievements? The ones that are worthwhile are decent.

Anything important that you want to add? Write it hereā€¦.

My PvE gear is pretty poor at the moment but with a bit of work I guarantee I will be right up there with your best DPS. I always show up on time fully prepared with all consumables and aware of any new boss tactics.


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[declined] Bereadytodie - Warlock Empty Re: [declined] Bereadytodie - Warlock

Post  purpleshadow Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:15 pm

Thanks for applying and thanks for making me laugh during our chat earlier.

We have decided to go with another lock i'm afraid who has more gear and experience but we wish you all the best finding a suitable guild and becoming the best lock in the eu Smile

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