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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk Empty Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

Post  Nihiel Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:20 am

Character information
Monk, MW and WW. MW preferred, was ms at launch, went WW later on.
Character Name:
Armory link:
Shaarn of Tarren Mill
Primary Talent Spec:
Mistweaver preferred
Secondary Talent Spec (If any):
Please mention if you would like to raid on more than one character.
I might raid casually on an alt, but I don't plan to/don't want to switch between two "mains"
Personal information
Age: 19
Nationality: Danish/Denmark
Your Time Zone:GMT+1

When are you usually online?
Depends on a lot. Sometimes I'm online almost all the time, other times mostly during raids.
We raid from 20.00-00:00PM (server time) on Wednesday and Sunday nights. Does that fit your schedule? Yes, it does.

Your PC/internet
Ping is usually around 30. FPS varies a bit, between 40 and 70.

Is your connection stable?
Yes, it is.

Do you have Mumble and a working microphone and are willing to speak? Communication during raid is always essential
I do not have Mumble, but would get it of course. Yes, I do have a microphone, and will speak when needed.

Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator?
Yes, ass an app on my iPhone.

About you and raid experience
I raided a lot in WotLK. Was 11/12HC in a 10man guild with 100+ tries on LK. In cataclysm, I didn't raid much due to very unstable rosters, but I did get a few hcs in DS down.

In MoP I've cleared every normal encounter pre 5.2, done 4/6 hc MSV, 1/6 HoF.

What add-ons do you currently use for raids?
Mostly the standard ones. Skada, ElvUI raid frames, cooldown timers, DBM etc.
What is your raid experience including all Vanilla, BC, WotLK and Cataclysm raids. Name the class and spec you played for each one if different to your current Main character.
I mentioned it a bit above. I started playing WoW in early WotLK, but didn't raid (only pugged) because of irl stuff.
My differnet characters I've had as mains are:
Shaarn of Tarren Mill
Nihiel of Grim Batol
Eliac of Tarren Mill

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them?
Was in a guild called "Emulate" in early cata, consisted of mainly irl friends. Disbanded due to incomplete roster.
Was in a guild called "And His Imaginary Friend" in DS, left because of unstable roster and a few unskilled/not dedicated people.
In early MoP I joined Scorn/Muffin Vendors, with Lazercat and Xavin. Guild disbanded due to unstable roster.

About you and your view on you class and World of Warcraft
I prefer a class which is a healer mainly (which is why paladin, shaman and monks have been/are my mains)
I like healing, and it is what I am best at. I do enjoy dpsing as well, and I have been elemental for a very long time - I prefer casters to melees. I've also been ww on my monk in 5.1.
I like the monk healing style; hot blanketing with aoe burst heal, and pretty stable single target healing as well. Spot healing is decent with enough chi, and when healing is slow and steady I can mostly keep it mana neutral. I also like the fact that chi spent = more mana regen, which means you regen more the more you heal. ie, activity pays off.

Why did you choose your class/spec?
I was planning on being a holy paladin come MoP, but went monk to make our roster better. I haven't regret it.

What is your view on progress raids?
I like them. I don't mind wiping, as long as progress in still there and people learn from their mistakes. I've got a lot of patience; I'm down to earth, and not a rager.

What is your view on farm raids in periods where there is nothing to progress on?
I like them as well.

What do you think about raid related achievements?
Such as mount achievements? I like those, it's nice being able to show off how you conquered a certain raid instance with mounts.

Anything important that you want to add? Write it hereā€¦.
For now I think most has been answered.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Oh, and btw. If I am to move, I'm planning on renaming my toon to Nihiell, since Nihiel is taken.
And another thing; I couldn't post external links (armory links) since I'm a new member at this site.


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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk Empty Re: Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

Post  purpleshadow Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:12 am

Thanks for applying. We will try get back to you asap.

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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk Empty Re: Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

Post  Oziriz Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:59 am

I linked it for you!

I heard a lot of good stuff about you from Lazercat, your application was nicely written and enjoyable to read. Not sure what the Officers want in our setup right now, though a good, solid (90%+ attendance) healer is always welcome in my book, well unless there is absolutely no room of course. I like the fact that you have almost the same heroic raiding experience as us so far this expansion and your gear is almost up to par as well!

Good luck with the application and I hope the officers really consider you! Smile



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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk Empty Re: Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

Post  Szilia Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:04 am

Thanks for the application:) On minor thing, we changed raid times from 20.00-00.00 to 19.30-23.30 (00.00 a few times during progression), does that still suit you?


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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk Empty Re: Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

Post  purpleshadow Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:32 am

Thanks for the application. However at the moment we don't have a spot for you. We already have 3 main spec healers and most fights at the moment seem to be 2 healed. In addition, we have 2 other players for the leather int and 2 for the leather agi so even going dps with OS healing isnt really an option at this time. Sorry.

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Shaarn - MW/WW Monk Empty Re: Shaarn - MW/WW Monk

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