[declined] Warrior lvl 80 Ngaiden protection and with equal offspec

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[declined] Warrior lvl 80 Ngaiden protection and with equal offspec

Post  ngaiden on Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:17 am

Contact info:

Contact me anytime you want.

Ingame to ngaiden
Or mail me to

Information about your main character:

Warrior 85 protection-fury
Gametime 171 days 17h

Information about you:

Hi, my name is David Dierick from Antwerpen, Belgium.
Im currently employed as a technical designer besides that I do sports in the gym and run daily to keep me in shape.
My goals in life besides wow is to enjoy life and be happy.

Your raiding experience:

Ive been active as a tank since TBC time, always worked my way up true heroics.
But pre-nerf i was raidin Karahzan - Zul aman ( almost made the mount )
Gruul - Magth Lair - Serp Cavern ( just not the endboss if i rememberd good)
Tempest keep ( first 2 or 3 bosses )
First bosses of BT.

After the nerv i raided MH a bit but then i became a bit inactive, cause the guild disbanded.

The Wrath of the Lich King:
Naxx 10/25 - cleared
OS 10/25 - cleared
EOE 10/25 - cleared

Then came Uld 10/25 ( progress 10/14 on 25 ) ,i became a bit inactive when Totc was released( wish is also cleared 10/25 ) .
In Feb ´09 i started to play again

ICC 10 got Kingslayer, 11/12 hc
ICC 25 got kingslayer

Ruby sanctum 10 – cleared

Current progress:

Baradin hold 10 – cleared
Throne of four winds – ½
Blackwing decent – 4/6
Bastion of twilight – 2/4

Former guilds:

Ive been active in bad kittys for a long period, due some internal issues I left the guild and joined during cataclysm Legends in exile.

Reason for leavin this guild is lack of progression in raids and decent players where I can compare with.
But the way it was gooin is if you don’t have the right people in the group, your in a stand still and were the guys that are holding down the progress for the last 3 weeks.

Your connection and computer:

Connection: Telenet cable
Computer: AMD athon X2 Dualcore processor 6400+ 3.20ghz Ram 4GB + gtx 275 nvidia


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Re: [declined] Warrior lvl 80 Ngaiden protection and with equal offspec

Post  purpleshadow on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:34 am

Thanks for the application but we are currenty full on warriors and tank atm - we are only recruiting for a hunter just now. Sorry and good luck.



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