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Character information

Character Name: Foréver

Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&cn=For%C3%A9ver

Primary Talent Spec: Holy
Secondary Talent Spec (If any): Shadow

Do you have any alts you would like to join the guild? Please mention if you would like to raid on more than one character.

I don't have any other 80s on this realm at this time, so i'd like to keep them in the other guild they're in now.

Personal information

Age: 17 (18 @ 30. november)
Nationality: Norwegian
Your Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour

When are you usually online?
I'm usually online from around 17:00 to 23:00, but that varies alot.

We raid from 7:00-10:00PM (server time) on Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday nights (some nights might run a bit later). Does that fit your schedule?
That's no problem.

Your PC/internet

Is your connection stable?
Yes, same goes for the pc.

Do you have "Ventrilo" and a working microphone and are willing to speak? (Cataclysm will have a lot of boss fights where communication seems to be the key)
Yes, and it's no problem to talk.

Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator?

About you and raid experience

What add-ons do you currently use for raids?
- Recount for dmg & heal meter
- MSBT (MiksScrollingBattleText) handy battle text showing heals & dmg.
- Bartender4 better action bars than blizzard's standard
- Grid handy raid frames (not using Grid as much now, as blizzard's new raid frames works just as good)
- Perl classic unit frames

What is your raid experience including all Vanilla, BC & WotLK raids. Name the class and spec you played for each one if different to your current Main character.
Pre-tbc / vanilla (Holy Priest)
- Full AQ20
- Full ZG
- Full MC
- Up to Firemaw in BWL
- Onyxia
- All the world dragons

TBC (Holy Priest)
I didn't play so much during TBC, but as i can recall i got up to The Curator in Kara.

WOTLK (On a friends arcane mage for some months and my priest at the moment)
- Full OS3D 10/25
- 5/5 ToC 10/25
- Full Malygos 10/25
- Full VoA 10/25
- Onyxia 10/25
- Up to Thorim in Ulduar 10 (incl. some HMs)
- 11/12 ICC10 - 8/12 ICC25 (Lootship HC on both 10/25)

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them?

Unfortunatly i don't remember the name(s) of the guilds i was in during vanilla and TBC.

Less Dots (with mage) Disbanded due to an utterly aggressive, incompitent and caps lock using raid leader.

Epic Fusion (with priest on Dragonmaw) I left due to realm transfer and faction change

About you and your view on you class and World of Warcraft

Why did you choose your class/spec?
I chose priest, mainly because i missed healing in raids and didn't want to roll any other healing class.

What is your view on progress raids?
It's fun and you learn a lot from it.

What is your view on farm raids in periods where there is nothing to progress on?
Totally fine, raiding is still fun!

What do you think about raid related achievements?
It's fun and challenging, so i'd like to do that.

The Free Area

Not as of now.


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