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[declined] application: Lurkey - Deathknight Empty [declined] application: Lurkey - Deathknight

Post  Lurkey on Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:08 am

Character information

Character Name:
My character name is Lurkey.

Armory link:

Primary Talent Spec:
my primary spec is DPS, Frost at the momment, but change it after which is best for PVE.

Secondary Talent Spec:
my Secondary spec is tanking, i have experience in both specs and aply both of them on a regular basis, but i am more comfertable with DPS.

Do you have any alts you would like to join the guild? Please mention if you would like to raid on more than one character.
i have an alt called Yoransnoep, but this char is only lv 76, i am working on lvl'ing it up to 80, but do not think i will be raiding with it before cata, after cataclysm, i might want to raid with it eventually.

Personal information
well i was born in Holland, and moved to denmark for 5½ years ago, i speak fluently in both dutch and danish, and i believe i am quite good at english aswell. i have had a break from wow for about a year now, so i do not have alot of experience in WOTLK, but what i lack in this expantion i have in TBC, where i raided 3 times a week, and was up at MH/BT. i have also done some raiding in vanilla, but nothing noteworthy, since i made lvl 6 about a month before TBC.
i go to school on the 3 year, of a technical gymnasium, and work every thirsday evening, from time to time, also thuesdays, but not that much, mostly thirsday, saterdays and fridays.
i think it is important to be respectfull against your fellow people, so i rarely call people names. and do not condone other people doing so.

Age:i am 18 years old
Nationality: Danish/Dutch
Your Time Zone: +1

When are you usually online? i go to school form 8:00 - 16:00, so i can be expected to be online from around 17:30 - 18:00 until whenever i want to log off Smile
We raid from 7:00-10:00PM (server time) on Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday nights (some nights might run a bit later). Does that fit your schedule?
this fits with my scedual verry well, since i rarely have to work on these days, and i mostly go to sleep around 23-24 anyway.

Your PC/internet
my mai pc has a intel core quad 2.5Ghz
4gb 1333mhz Ram
640GB HD
DX 11
and an ATI Radeon 5750 graphiccard, 1gb

Is your connection stable?
my conection is verry stable 30mb/30mb

Do you have "Ventrilo" and a working microphone and are willing to speak? (Cataclysm will have a lot of boss fights where communication seems to be the key)
yes i have ventrillo, and a working microphone, i have used vent since midway TBC, since my first guild used TS.

Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator?
no i do not, have never been hacked, so i can't see a reason why i should have one, when i keem my PC safe.
this also means i cant lose it, and wont have promlems logging in.

About you and raid experience.
in WOTLK i have only raided Naxx 10 and 25 fully, and OS 25/10 1drake, and 2 bosses in VOA, 2 bosses in Ulduar, due to my break.
in TBC i raided everything exept Sunwell
in Vanilla i have raided some of MC, Onyxia, some of ZG, and a little AQ 20

What add-ons do you currently use for raids?
u use Omen threatmeter, DBM, archus and Horn of winter

What is your raid experience including all Vanilla, BC & WotLK raids. Name the class and spec you played for each one if different to your current Main character.
i played both DPS deathkinght and Tank in WOTLK, in the before mentioned raides
in TBC i played my rogue Yoransnoep, somethims combat spec, sometimes assaination.
in vanilla i played combat rogue.

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them?
i have been in Casual in WOTLK, which i left, because i left the game.
i have a warrior on turalyon, witch i raided BT / MH with aswell, both prot and arms. with tat i was in "the order of the black rose" witch i also left because i left the game,
in TBC i was in Lunar Eclipse with my rogue, the guild unfortunatly fell appart.
in vanilla and some of TBC i was in GGM, whome kicked me because my stepdad left them.

About you and your view on you class and World of Warcraft
with a deathknight it is important to be able to move around, like u should with any melee class, in order to do most DPS, and still not die, u need to be able to use CD's on the right time, and make use of rotations, also watch your agro, one cant be of use when Dead.
as tank it is imprtant to be able to migate damage, use DS at the right time, to easy healing burden. it is also importent to keep melle out of harms way, so they can amxemise thier DPS.

Why did you choose your class/spec?
i have an affinity for playing melee chars, which is why i wanted to try the DK, and then i kinda got hooked. i have always played DPS, and rotations are my strongpoint, aswell as moveing away from danger. I do enjoy tanking from time to time tough.

What is your view on progress raids?
always come prepared, be ready to use an entire evening on 1 boss, and don't whine about it. If u dont get the loot, it will drop another time, so dont whine about it. if someone else has alot more use for an item then i do, i would proberbly pass it, if it is an active member of the guild.

What is your view on farm raids in periods where there is nothing to progress on?
you still have to be prepared, but not as much. being fully flasked and wellfed, increases chances of succes at all times.
we could proberbly take some alts with us.

What do you think about raid related achievements?
i do not care much about achievements, more about playing the game, but if we go for a raidachievement, i will do my best to bring it home, for those who do whish to have it.

The Free Area
i think i have come aroound my personal oppinions, and experience pretty well, so the only thing would be, that i have a twin brother who also plays wow.


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[declined] application: Lurkey - Deathknight Empty Re: [declined] application: Lurkey - Deathknight

Post  purpleshadow on Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:24 am

Hi Lurkey - Thanks for applying to Death Wish.

Your experience is a little limited which is understandable given you took a break from wow. However, you may want to level your professions so you can enchant your rings that will give you a small dps increase and also fully gem your gear.

In addition, we have one dps DK in the guild already so with this all in mind, I'm afraid its a decline.

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