[accepted] Hallona - Holy Priest

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[accepted] Hallona - Holy Priest

Post  joskanso on Sun May 22, 2011 10:23 am

Character information

Character Name

Armory link

Primary Talent Spec
Secondary Talent Spec (If any)
Disc (PvP)

Do you have any alts you would like to join the guild? Please mention if you would like to raid on more than one character.
Yes, but I only use them for arena and bgs.

Personal information

Your Time Zone

When are you usually online?
We raid from 19:30-23:30PM (server time) on Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday nights. Does that fit your schedule?
Yes, perfectly.

Your PC/internet
PC Specs
Broadband (8 meg). Getting upgraded later this year.

Is your connection stable?

Do you have "Ventrilo" and a working microphone and are willing to speak? (Cataclysm will have a lot of boss fights where communication seems to be the key)

Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator?
No, but always considered looking into it.

About you and raid experience
Wasn't around during vanilla or tbc, so didn't do any of the raids till after they were outdated.

What add-ons do you currently use for raids?
Deadly Boss Mods (boss mechanics), Grid (help healing).

What is your raid experience including all Vanilla, BC, WotLK and Cataclysm raids. Name the class and spec you played for each one if different to your current Main character.
Friend introduced me in 2009. Played Warrior to start, then rerolled priest. ToC, Uld, ICC 12/12, 8/12 HC. 12/12 normal in cata so far.

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them?
Was in a guild on another realm, but it disbanded after cataclysm. Changed realm after that.

About you and your view on you class and World of Warcraft
I know how to play my class if thats what your asking. I enjoy playing priest and healing.

Why did you choose your class/spec?
Never tried priest before and wanted to try out healing. Found it fun, so I stuck to it.

What is your view on progress raids?
I enjoy progressing.

What is your view on farm raids in periods where there is nothing to progress on?
I don't mind it.

What do you think about raid related achievements?
I am somewhat of an achievement whore.

Anything important that you want to add? Write it here….
I did spend over 30 mintues on this app, then Firefox decided to crash. Sorry if it seems rushed. Had to start from scratch and was in a rush. Had friends waiting for me.


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Re: [accepted] Hallona - Holy Priest

Post  Szilia on Sun May 22, 2011 10:57 am

Thanks for your application Hallona. We'll get back to you shortly.


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Re: [accepted] Hallona - Holy Priest

Post  Szilia on Sun May 22, 2011 11:39 am

Contect Purpleshadów, Valiry, Theart or me ingame. You have been accepted.


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Re: [accepted] Hallona - Holy Priest

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